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Physical education is to influence the experiences of persons to the extent that each individual within the limits of his capacity may be helped to adjust successfully in society, to increase and improve his wants, and to develop the ability to satisfy his wants. By- J.R. Sherman. The Department of Physical Education was established immediately after the inception of our college in the year 2006. The Department of Physical Education and Sports experienced positive advancements year after year on account of the commitment and leadership of staff members.


To design and introduce innovative, integrated, inter- disciplinary Curriculum in physical Education and Various sports and games and provide leadership to the profession.


  • Striving for supremacy in sports performance and physical fitness through abounding training and dynamic activities to empower youth group with responsibility of serving to the country.
  • To provide knowledge based service in the field of physical education and sports to satisfy the need of the society.
  • To develop the Skills and to improve the performance of sports and games through pedagogical training and practices.
  • To improve the Physical fitness and health components and the collective knowledge in the field of physical education and sports among the student.

Importance of Physical Education

Physical education fosters personal and community wellness by empowering students to attain healthy, lifelong attitudes and behaviors through physical activity as part of the total educational experience. Our department trains students to excel in one or more of their chosen sports and/or fitness activities.


The aim of physical education programme is to teach basic fundamental motor skills (running, hopping, jumping, leaping, throwing, catching, kicking, and dribbling) and their application in games and sports meaningfully.


Physical education is a crucial component of the educational process as it uses movement as a medium for learning and expression. It provides a diversity of movement experiences in a way that gives each student the freedom to develop to the fullest extent of his or her own particular endowment. The following objectives are

Physical development

Physical development deals with the program of activities that help a person develop their physical strength through the growth of their body's numerous organic systems. The major goal of physical education is to help children become physically competent and to learn how to move safely. By using these skills, one can engage in a variety of activities that will enhance their quality of life and well-being.

Mental development

Physical activity has a favorable impact on mental and emotional health in adults and children. Regular physical activity must boost a person's positive mental state and lessen the symptoms of sadness, anxiety, rage, tension, and stress. Mental growth is the capacity to analyze and understand with the collection of body knowledge in all aspects.

Social development

Social development helps an individual in making personal adjustments, group adjustment, and adjustments as a member of society. The positive impact of physical activity on an individual is sharing, working together, and celebrating together and these are essential component of physical activity or sports, which helps to strengthen a child’s relationship with his or her peers. Therefore, the social aspect of physical activities helps to develop positive values among students.

Motor development

Motor development results in interaction of experience (e.g., practice) with an individual's physical, mental, and social status. Motor development deals with making useful physical movement by spending less energy as possible and being proficient, graceful, and aesthetic in the movement.

Infrastructure Details

Out door

  • Ball Badminton
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Kabaddi
  • Kho-Kho
  • 200 Mts Non – Standard Track.

In door

  • Table Tennis
  • Chess
  • Carrom

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Mrs. S. Mercy, B.A, B.P.Ed , M.P.Ed , M.Phil , P.G. Dip in Yoga Directress of Physical Education

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