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Parent – Teacher Association

Parent – Teacher Association (PTA) facilitates meaningful interaction between the teachers and the parents of our students in the spirit of shared responsibilities. The frequent interactions the Association organizes help the teachers understand the reality of expectations, and also help the parents to understand the role they are expected to play in the context of continual demographic changes of their wards. This Association is a reflection of the trust that the parents have on our system and the faith that the teachers have on the parents. It addresses all sorts of issues and needs which arise out of multiple contexts of education. The defined objectives of the Association are as follows:

From this academic year PTA is connected with the college digitally with an exclusive mobile application WAVOO WAJEEHA APP, which enables the parents to directly interact with their ward’s class advisors on academic progress…..(Pls Conclude)

  • To explain to the parents the challenges faced by the teachers while imparting education.
  • To encourage the participatory role of the parents and make them realize their roles and responsibilities.
  • To conduct frequent activities of interaction with educationists /social scientists/ intellectuals/ and professional counsellors to enlighten the parents and teachers about parenting and other connected issues.

The association organised a one day orientation programme for freshly enrolled students and their parents on 20.06.2018.

Heads of each department explained the various academic and non-academic activities of the institution to the parents. More than 340 parents attended this meeting and their queries were cleared and well answered by the staff members. Regular parents meetings on department basis were also convened to analyse the performance of each student in the curricular and co-curricular activities. The PTA of the college is maintaining close relationship with the college and authorities to strengthen the higher education programmes initiated in this rural area.

PTA Annual Report

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