Wavoo Wajeeha Women's College

Alumnae Association

Alumnae Association of Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s College is formed with an objective of having continual engagement with the graduates of our college in activities connected to academic and social developments. Every student who passes out of the college becomes a member of the Association at the end of their course. Graduants stay in constant touch with their Alma Mater regularly. The Principal of the College, who is also the President of the Alumnae Association briefs out the responsibilities that each out-going student is expected to uphold as a WAJEEHANS. The office bearers of this Association are elected according to the procedure contemplated.

The Alumnae Association meeting is normally conducted once in a semester unless otherwise required as per the demands of the context. The primary objective of this Association is expected to build a bridge of interaction between the present students of the college and those of the past in order to share the expertise, exposure and experience in expanding the boundaries of understanding in mutually beneficial manner which is expected to offer our present students’ perspectives required for success in personal and professional life. The Alumnae are given an opportunity to share their nostalgic memories during Alumnae Meet and they never fail to cherish the values that the College has inculcated to them.

The current number of Alumnae is around 3167 graduants.


  • To offer suggestions/recommendations in academic matters in the best interest of quality education and to offer assistance as required.
  • To involve in various social welfare programs in collaboration with the college through forming a chain of Self-Help Groups.
  • To offer a helping hand to students who are economically backward by providing them with scholarship or any other form of assistance in consultation with the management.

Office bearers of Association

Alumnae Name Dept Batch Position
Miss. R.Dhivya Bharathi Tamil 2014-2017 Vice – President
Miss. K.Kalaivani Asst Prof, Dept of Mathematics, Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s College Mathematics 2008-2011 Secretary
Miss.M.Sujitha English 2015-2017 Treasurer

Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s College of Arts & Science, a benefaction under Wavoo SAR Educational Trust,stands as a monument of social service for the cause of those for whom college education is a distant dream even today.

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