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Our vision is to be a recognized leader in developing business talent and ideas that create growth and opportunity in Business world.


To be a model of business learning for developing effective and ethical leaders and entrepreneurs, who anticipate, analyze and manage contemporary as well as emerging business and social issues.We educate a diverse population of current and future business professionals to successfully and ethically meet the challenges of the global business environment.


Department of Business Administration plays a vital role in Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s College by inculcating budding entrepreneurs and managers. The department was started in the year 2007 with 31 students. The department has laurels by providing 100% results and ranks, not only in curriculum aspects but also in co-curricular aspects by getting over all championship in inter-collegiate programs. The department has named its association as BUZY BEE ASSOCIATION, as the name indicate students of Business Administration department acts as busy bees by contributing their knowledge and skills in business aspects. The department has coined the “sales fair” in the college to inculcate sales and marketing skills among the students. The faculties serving in this department are from B-School and other reputed institutions who transform their acquired business skills to students. This makes the department very unique and takes the college to a great height.


Mrs. S.A. Rahmath Ameena Begum, MBA., M.Phil., MBA (HR) Head of the Department
Mrs. S. Karthika, MBA., SET Asst Professor
Dr. D. Hepzibah Vinsyah Jeyaseeli, MBA., NET., Ph.D. Asst Professor
Mrs. A. Aysha Muzammila, MBA., SET Asst Professor
Mrs.S.Indhumathy M.L (Part-time Lawyer) Visiting Faculty

Staff Acheivements

S.NO Faculty Name Description
1 S.A.Rahmath Ameena Begum

1. Board of Studies Member

  • St.Xaviers College, Palayamkottai
  • St. Mary’s College, Thoothukudi
  • Sri Sharada College, Tirunelveli

2. Resource Person

  • Govindammal College, Tiruchendur
  • St.Xaviers College, Palayamkottai
  • GVN College, Kovilpatti
  • TDMNS College Kallikulam
  • Sivanthi B.PEd college, Tiruchendur
  • SRNM College,Sathur

3. Journal Publication

  • Sadakath Journal
  • Scopus Indexed Journal SRM University (Paper accepted for publication)
  • Mangayarkarasi College, Madurai
2 Dr. Mrs. D. Hepzibah Vinsyah Jeyaseeli

2. Journal Publication

  • Sadakath Journal
  • MSUnivesity
  • Margosis College, Nazareth

Staff Participation

S.NO Date Event / Seminar Resource Person Organized by
1. 21.07.17 Introduction about Salesforce Mr. Rajesh Nambian ICT Academy
2. 04.08.17 National seminar on Company’s Act 2013- Catalyst for Corporate Development Mr.Ashok Kumar, Joint Secretary, ICSI, New Delhi. Commerce Dept., MS University, Abishegapatti.
3. 01.09.17 International Seminar on India on 2030 - Commerce Dept, MS University, Abishegapatti.
4. 31.08.17 State level Seminar on Rural Entrepreneurial opportunities and challenges Mr. Dhanraj, Dr. SenthilKumaran Mr. J. Sahaya Raj Don Bosco college
5. 16.09.17 A one day orientation programme for self finance college teachers of MS university,Abishegapatti, Tirunelveli. Dr. C.JoeArun, Director, St. Joseph Institute of management and college, Tiruchirapalli. Dr.Boominathan, Former Head, PG Dept of Commerce, Bishopheber College (Autonomous), Tiruchirapalli. Centre for curriculum and faculty Development &Dept of Education
6. 14.12.17 & 15.12.17 Two days International Conference @ Dept of Management Studies , MS University - Dept of Management, MS University
7. 08.02.18 National level seminar on recent trends in management Dr. Senthil Kumar, Dept of Management Studies,Pondicherry University & Dr. Madavan, Dept of Management Studies, MS University Sadakathullah appa college, Palayamkottai
8. 09.02.18 Board of studies - St.Xavier’s college
9. 18.04.18 A one day Orientation programme – Yoga, MS University, Tirunelveli Mrs. Leelavathy, Vice President Physical Education and sports
10. 28.09.18 National Seminar on effective Research Writing. Dr. Senthamarai Kannan, Director Research, MS University. Sri Sarada College, Dept of Business Administration, Tirunelveli.
11. 12.11.18 to 18.11.18 7 days workshop on Research Methodology & SPSS in Social Science. Dr. Darling Selvi, Asst prof, Dept of Commerce, Rani Anna College, Gandhi Nagar MS University, Dept of Commerce
12. 14.12.18 & 15.12.18 2days workshop on NAAC reforms : Outcome based education – An overview Dr. Senthilnathan, Director Incharge UGC HRD centre, Bharathidasan University VOC College, Thoothukudi
13. 29.12.18 A oneday sensitization program on Revised NAAC Accreditation Framework. Dr. Devendar S. Kawday, Deputy Advisor, NAAC. & Dr. Senthuraman, Gandhigram Institute MS University, IQAC
14. 04.01.19 State level Seminar on ‘Green Innovative practices for green campus and Green Audit’. Mr. Rajaram, TamilNadu, Energy development Agency Sri Saradha college for women – IQAC & Green cell and Nature club
15 28.01.19 State Level seminar on Human Resource Management Dr. Amalanathan, Asst. Professor, ST. Xavier College Department of Commerce, Nazareth Margoschis college
16. 14.02.19 UGC Sponsored National Level Seminar on “Current Business and Economic Conditions in India - Sadakathullah Appa college, Palayamkottai.
17. 11.04.19 3 days international conference on Employment skills and rural Transformation Dr. Ganesan, Former Director of Commerce, Bharathiyar University MS University



Date Event Prize Winners Paticipants Organized by Accompanied by
08.09.2018 Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme - 16 students from III BBA M.S. University Ms. A. Supriya
14.09.2018 Best Manager Ms .A. Rabiya - VOC College Ms. S. Chella Priya
Logo Designing II Prize- III BBA 1.Prabu.J.Fathima Afrah 2.N.Fathima Nasreen -
Ad-Zap I Prize- III BBA 1.M.A.K.Sahul Hameed Umma, 2.M.M.Mohammed SamsuUmmal, 3.S.Sumaiya, 4.S.M.S.Sithi Nafeesa, 5.S.Sulthan Nathira -
3minutes to shine - 4 Participants from I and III BBA
Business Quiz - 2 Participants from III BBA
30.01.2019 Corporate Social responsibility in India - 11 Participants from II BBA St.Xavier’s College, Palayamkottai -

University Rank Holders - BBA Major

S.No Name Rank
1 AyshaNasrin S 2
2 FathimaNajeeba S.A 4
3 Muthu Lakshmi S. 6
4 ZailaniBeevi S.A.S 6
5 Shahnaz M.Z 8
6 AyshaRifka A 10
7 Ramya B.P. 12
8 AlimaRehana P 13
9 SeyedRabiya D.N 17
S.No Name Rank
1 SoofiFazeela M S 14
2 Fathima R S H 16
S.No Name Rank
1 Aruna A 3
2 Hirul Benazir Riyasa A 10
3 RussanaRiska S 13
S.No Name Rank
1 MymoonBadhariya N.M. 2
2 RamjanFathima S 4
3 RaseethaNajima B 10
4 Ganeshwari K 13
S.No Name Rank
1 SeyedaliFathima F 12
S.No Name Rank
1 KatheejaMuyeena S S 6
2 Supriya A 14
S.No Name Rank
1 AhamedFathimaFahima 10
2 Muthulakshmi K 20

Seminars / Workshops

Seminars and Workshops are part and parcel of educational activities. Conducting seminars among students helps us get more information about the particular seminar topic. Seminars also help us to convey the ideas and make students to think about new things.

S.No Date Event Resource
1. 06.09.2018 State level seminar on Advertising in Digital Era Mr. Praveen Kumar Head, wild creek web studio pvt. Ltd
2. 03.08.2017 Skill Training for youth on Business Communication Management Dr.S.Manovaraja MA.,M.Ed., MHRM., DD Founder of FRAGRHEN ACADEMY
3. 22 & 23 April 2019, SPSS Basics for final year students Mr.Sathya Murthy, Asst.Prof, Department of Management Studies, NIMS, Coimbatore
4. 01.02.2019 Sales Fair Valedictory Mr.Shibi Kumar, CEO PPK group, Marthandom
5. 11.03.2019 Business Start Ups Mr.Aswath Subramanian, CEO, Co-Founder The Start Up Corp., II MBA student


The Department of Business Administration of Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s college orgainized an one day national level workshop on Sep 6, 2018. The workshop session was conducted by Mr. Praveen Kumar Head, wild creek web studio pvt. Ltd gave lecture related to Advertising in Digital Era.


Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s College of Arts & Science, a benefaction under Wavoo SAR Educational Trust,stands as a monument of social service for the cause of those for whom college education is a distant dream even today.

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