Wavoo Wajeeha Women's College

The emblem of the college is artistically designed and aesthetically structured to accommodate the essential summation of the vision of our founder. The image of 'BOOK' in the emblem is suggestive of the universally accepted truth that ‘reading’ is what distinguishes man from other creations and, it elevates him to a height of excellence in life. The elegantly presented ‘PALM DATE’ is indicative of eternal peace and spiritual victory that follows through man’s total submission to the will of The Almighty. The CRESCENT is a manifestation of ‘power of knowledge’ or ‘light of wisdom’ which dawns on an eternal seeker of truth. The ‘SATELLITE DISH’ pictorially represents the application of the tools of science and technology which facilitate the process of information in order to make human life comfortable and enjoyable. The three key words , ‘WILL’ , ‘WISDOM’ and ‘WORKSHIP’ are the three different stages which lead a man to reach his destiny. The ‘will’ is an individual’s involvement in the journey of education, ‘wisdom’ is what is obtained as a result of a comprehensive understanding of education, and ‘worship’ is the total submission of an individual to the ultimate WILL of The Almighty, and which is the end of all processes of meaningful education.



Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s College of Arts & Science, a benefaction under Wavoo SAR Educational Trust,stands as a monument of social service for the cause of those for whom college education is a distant dream even today.

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