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Making the study of literature being relevant to the contemporary issues and to provide a disciplined life with a spiritual base to remain fully alive and fully human is our sole aim. Building knowledge of the content, methods of literary studies and the students to pursue careers in research, is the vision of our department. Enriching the students to see themselves as professional, as part of a discipline with skills and abilities is our responsibility.


To teach language and literature to the students who come from socially and economically backward areas, thereby enhancing their communication skill and inculcating moral values which are the need of the hour. To assure that the students encounter creativity crucial to English studies through readings by professional writers, and their own creative and critical production and presentation is our mission of our department.


The English department was started in the academic year 2006-07 with 41 students and was upgraded as post-graduate department (M.A., English ) in the year 2009-2011.


University Rank Holders

Part II English

Year Student Name Rank
2008-2011 Anees Fathima S 11
2010-2013 Jawahira H 17
2015-2018 Thowlath Riswana M Y 20


Year Student Name Rank
2006–2009 Sameeha R. 14
2008–2011 Anees Fathima S 7
2009–2012 Katheeja Safana A M 11
2010–2013 Zaithoon Beevi A H 13
2014–2017 Aysha Affra S 17
2015–2018 Rahmath Nilofer S.A.T 9

M.A English

Year Student Name Rank
2011-2013 Katheeja Safana A M 6
2012–2014 Katheeja Fazeela S O 5

Seminars and Workshops

One day International Seminar on 19.01.18

One day International Seminar on “Activity Based Teaching: Perspectives and Perceptions” was organized by Department of English on 19.01.18 at Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s College of Arts and Science, Kayalpatnam. The inaugural session started with Quirath and Tamil thai Vazhlthu.

The welcome address was given by Mrs. S. Krishnaveni M.A., M.Phil., SET, Head of the Department of English. The inaugural address was delivered by Dr. Mrs. J. Ellora M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D. the principal of Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s College of Arts and Science. Haji Wavoo M.M. Mohuthazeem B.A (CS) the Secretary felicitated the gathering. Alhaj Wavoo S. Seyed Abdur Rahman Founder – President presented a memento to the chief guest.

Mrs. J. Kowsalya M.A., M.Phil., Assistant Professor of English gave an Introduction about the chief guest. Dr. Thameemul Ansari M.A (Eng)., M.A (Ling)., M.Phil., LLB., Ph.D (Eng)., Professor & Chairman of Curriculum and Evaluation Committee, Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Jazan, Saudi Arabia Dr. Thameemul Ansari inspired the participants with his interesting speech. He quoted that “Students, Teachers, scholars should never stop their learning”. He conduted various activities to the participants during both morning and afternoon sessions.

Totally 117 participants participated, among them were 37 teachers and 80 students. He gave training to the, professors as well as B.Ed students. Haji Hafiz Wavoo S.A.R. Ahmed Ishaque, Aalim M.A., Azhari (Egypt), delivered the valedictory address. The workshop ended with Duah and National Anthem.

S.No Date Event Resource
1. 19.1.2018 International Workshop on Activity Based Teaching: Perspectives and Perceptions Dr.Thameemul Ansari M.A.,(Eng), M.A.,(Ling),M.Phil.,(Eng), Ph.D.,(Eng), Professor of English, University of Jazan, Saudi Arabia

Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s College of Arts & Science, a benefaction under Wavoo SAR Educational Trust,stands as a monument of social service for the cause of those for whom college education is a distant dream even today.

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