Wavoo Wajeeha Women's College

Genesis of the College

Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s College of Arts and Science, Kayalpatnam was established in the year 2006 under Wavoo SAR Educational Trust constituted by Alhaj Wavoo S. Seyed Abdur Rahman and his family with a noble mission of providing quality higher education for the girls of the rural areas where higher education was once a privilege for a few. The vision of the trust was to dedicate the development of underprivileged and marginalized women especially local Muslim minority women through providing them with a kind of education and skills that help them become morally upright, culturally enriched, socially responsible, intellectually sound, and technically competent.

The college owes its originality to the renowned philanthropist, Alhaj Wavoo S. Seyed Abdur Rahman as it has been shaped by his tireless effort, consistent hard work with his experiences in different fields, and his sustainable thinking to cater to the needs of the people by facilitating a quality education.


“A Nation wouldn’t become developed unless and until the women in the society are equally empowered”.

The college began its voyage with 124 students and 12 staff under 3 Degree programs affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli. As the year passes by, the number of programs offered by the college, students intake, and staff have steadily grown. The college started offering Post Graduate and skill development courses from the year 2009. Currently, it has 1300+ students enrolled in various disciplines of Arts, Science, and Business in 9 Under Graduate degree courses and 4 Post Graduate degree courses with 75+ teaching faculty members and 45+ non-teaching and supporting staff. So far over 4000 students have been graduated from this college, which stands as one of the reputed academic institutions in the district.

WILL,WISDOM & WORSHIP are being the motto of our college, the campus facilitates the process of gaining Wisdom for people with the Will to succeed in an environment free from discrimination of caste, creed, and religion.

Location and Locality:

“We shape our buildings, thereafter, our buildings shape us” says Winston Churchill. The physical infrastructure of Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s College provides an important platform for all academic endeavor as it affords more than walls and roofs. The sprawling campus of the college is spread over an area of 5 acres of land which include 70,000 sq.ft. of built up area and acres of open space for garden, sports ground and parkingwhich offers an ideal environment for learning. Built along the coastal area of Kayalpatnam, the locality of the campus is home to rich cultural diversity and the college stands as an example to the proverb “Unity in Diversity” as it symbolizes the convergence of Culture and Social plurality with historical Masjids and Monuments in Kayalpatnam, renowned St. Thomas Church in Veerapandianpatnam, and famous Temple in Tiruchendur in the close vicinity. The entire campus is clean & green and Wi-Fi enabled, thus creates the best minds for tomorrow and nourishes the dreams of many.


Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s College of Arts & Science, a benefaction under Wavoo SAR Educational Trust,stands as a monument of social service for the cause of those for whom college education is a distant dream even today.

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