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Our college library offers a rich source of information which quenches the thirst of knowledge of the students and staff. The library functions since its inception of the College form the year 2006. It is located in a spacious hall, houses a variety of books, magazine, periodicals, dailies and journals that touch upon almost all subjects of relevance under the sun. The ambience created in the reading room inspires the students and staff to spend their quality time in updating their knowledge, refreshing their memory and contributing to the culture of quality.

The books number around 9,170 are culled from wide range of subjects of academic interests with nearly 16 current journals and 23 magazines both in Tamil and English. Students and staff enjoy the benefits of having access to digital library too, which offers a free access to the world of knowledge and information to satisfy their academic demands.



The vision is to provide quality services to the users and to empower rural girls with adequate information about the globe and to make the Library the best archived library in the District.

Dissemination of technical knowledge and to provide easy access of books and journals for user’s satisfaction and offering modern tools available for accessing information and ultimately to gain more knowledge. It is essential to disseminate the available resources among the users for effective usage by a fair distribution of resources.


The mission is to provide strength and enhance the teaching quality, research and services. Promotion of Intellectual growth and creativity of the staff and students alike by developing collections and providing excellent information resources and to deliver quality services to the staff, students and the researchers by making the staff effectively use the resources available for the betterment of quality teaching.

Library Staff

Dr.Mrs.Y.Mumtaj Begum B.A., M.LI.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D Librarian
A.Selvi B.Sc., B.LI.Sc Library Assistant
S.Fareetha Banu B.A., M.LI.Sc Library Assistant

Library Sections

  • 1. Stock area Section
  • 2. Circulation Section
  • 3. Reading Section
  • 4. Bounded Volume Section
  • 5. Report Section(Project)
  • 6. New arrivals Sections
  • 7. E-Resources access section

Library Services

  • 1. Circulation Service
  • 2. Free open access
  • 3. Reference Service
  • 4. Current awareness service
  • 5. E-Journals
  • 6. E-Books access
  • 7. Internet browsing for research

Library Collection

S.NO Title National International Total
1 Total No. of Books - - 9,170
2 Reference Books - - 2,086
3 Journal 13 3 16
4 Periodicals - - 39
5 Daily News paper 7 - 7
6 Project/Thesis - - 610
7 Question Bank - 100 100

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations
  • Access to library is right of every student, teaching and non-teaching staff except otherwise prescribed.
  • The library is open from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on all working days.
  • Users must enter their name and signature in the gate register before entering the library. Student should always carry their ID cards.
  • Students are expected to maintain silence in the library at all time.
  • Mobile phones or any other instruments or gadgets which needlessly attract the attention of the readers and cause disturbance to the environment of library are strictly prohibited.
  • Library ticket will be issued to all students. Books may be borrowed only on the production of the library and students identity card.
  • Loss of library ticket has to be brought to the notice of the librarian immediately and a new ticket shall be issued on request with a fine of Rs.10/-.
  • Open Access System is followed.
  • Library books be used with utmost care and be returned without any demage.
  • Reference books and current periodicals will not be issued, but they may be consulted in the library during the prescribed hours.
  • Students are expected to inspect the book carefully for any damage before borrowing it.
  • In the event of students finding a book damaged or disfigured shape, the same shall be reported to the librarian immediately before borrowing the book. The librarian on seeing such books may either replace them with new one or better one or may stamp on the damaged part with an initial to acknowledge such damage.
  • In the event of loss of books or damage, appropriate cost will be recovered, from the student for such loses or damage.
  • Books borrowed for reference shall be returned within the due date and in the event of delay caused, then, a fine of Rs. 1/- shall be levied per day since the expiry of due date.
  • Two Books will be issued for UG students, 4 Books for PG students.
  • Teaching faculty can borrow seven books. However the duration of lending should not exceed one semester.
  • Non-Teaching faculty can borrow six books. However the duration of lending should not exceed one semester.
  • The borrowed are to be returned to the library in good condition within the prescribed period.
  • For students, the books are lent for 14 days. Books should be compulsorily returned on the due date. in case, if the due date falls on a holidays the books should be returned on the next working day.
  • Students may browse internet facility, which is available in our library for education, academic and reference purpose only.
  • Students who want to avail E-Learning facilities shall be required to make the prescribed fees for access.
  • Exchange of library books among staff members or students should be avoided.
  • Journals, Magazines, Thesis, Project reports, Reference books CD/DVD’s and Newspapers are for reference only.
  • Library offers basic facilities such as photocopying of the materials (in limited number) as per fair use policy educational purpose (only) on payment of minimum charge.
  • Books or other materials which are covered under copy right laws are not to be copied for it amounts to infringements and violations of copy rights of the author.
  • The college has registered under NLIST (National Library and Information Services infrastructure for Scholarly Content) which grants access unlimited to e-resources related several academic matters of concern.
  • For the safety and security of library users the entire library area including the stock room is monitor by CCTV- 24/7.

Library Collection

S.NO Date Event Resource Person Organized by Participents
1 21-09-2015 Book exhibition Alhaj Wavoo S.Seyed Abdur Rahman Founder President Library Our college students & school students
2 09-03-2016 Library Day Dr.Lawrence Mary, Librarian T.D.M.N.S College, T.Kallikulam, Tirunelveli Library

All the first year students Critical Analysis Book.

I Place: B.SivaMeenachi -III(IT),II Place P.Sankareswari I B.A(Eng),

Tamil –Elocution

I Place P.Sankareswari- I B.A(Eng), II place Muthu@Sathiyapriya III (maths) III Place S.Velammal-III(B.B.A)

Tamil-Essay Writing

I Place M.Deepika III(maths),II-Place- K.Muthu Priyaka III(maths) III-Place-Sebastina-III(B.A(Eco)

3 13-01-2017 Reader’s forum Library & Reading forums club Our college students & some school students
4 13-02-2017
& 14-02-2017
Book exhibition Founder Alhaj Wavoo S. Seyed Abdur Rahman Library School students & Our college students
5 15-02-2017 Library Day Dr.Lawrence Mary, Librarian T.D.M.N.S College T.Kallikulam Tirunelveli Library Our college students
6 16-02-2017 Reader’s forum Library & Reading forum club Reader’s forum members & staff
7 13-12-2018 Reader’s forum Library & Reading forum club Reader’s forum members & staff
8 25-02-2019 Book Exhibition Haji Wavoo S.Seyed Abdur Rahman Library Our college students & some school students
9 26-02-2019 Library Competitation Library Reader’s forum members & staff
10 27-02-2019 Library Day Celebration Dr. Mrs. R.C.Vasuki M.A. Ph.D.DGT. Principal Library Economics Students
11 15-02-2019 Reader’s forum Library & Reading forum club Reader’s forum members & staff

Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s College of Arts & Science, a benefaction under Wavoo SAR Educational Trust,stands as a monument of social service for the cause of those for whom college education is a distant dream even today.

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