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WAVOO SAR EDUCATIONAL TRUST, a Public Educational Charitable institution, incorporated on 9th September 2005, whereby the founders and authors of the trust have made a declaration of promoting and fostering education among poor and deserving students, whether of primary, middle, secondary, higher secondary, graduate, post graduate or vocational courses by all means and make such education available to weaker sections of the community.

WAVOO WAJEEHA WOMEN'S COLLEGE, a brain child of our trust started a higher education institution started in the academic year 2006-07, with a mission to empower rural, minority women, who are economically backward, in and around the town of Kayalpatam, Tuticorin District, has risen to carve out a name of its own in the field of quality higher education through tireless striving and dedication for the past 14 years.

The board of trustees of Wavoo SAR Educational Trust has decided to establish WAJEEHA SKILLS ACADEMY in the year 2012, to offer skill based courses to the students of the college in a wide variety of fields from tailoring to driving, fashion design to Nutrition and anything that falls within the range of potential employability skills requirement. These courses are offered with a noble intention of exposing our students to the demands of the local and international markets and thereby offering them skill-sets to boost their confidence, increase their potentials and enlarge their understanding so that they might have brighter chances of being considered employable.

A strong team of qualified and competent teachers and trainers who are capable of meeting the expectations of quality which are demanded in these contexts. Our faculty, a vast pool of knowledge and exposure, are largely culled from the best institutions of our region and our students are given best training in skills for a nominal fee.

Wajeeha Skills Academy has tied up with ICT Academy, CSC Computers, Bi-Step Trainers Academy, Max Jones Academy and with some have signed Memorandum of Understanding to offer academic, technical and entrepreneurial support. The number of students who have gained advantage of these programs is around 1,300 annually and these students are understandably the most preferred choices of the companies and corporate world. ……cause of empowering rural women with education to ensure a meaningful, gainful and dignified life.

Courses Offered


Students who wish to be employed in Government sectors prefer to take up this course and get intensive training, in answering all the questions within the limited time given and take up exams subsequently when they are employed at the entry level for promotions like the IAS, IPS, IFS officers. Many students opt for this to be employed in banks.

Soft skill

This course has been dealt with by our staff in collaboration with Max Jones Academy in 3 different groups teaching soft skills to the interested students. With exercises, practical training and slide shows the study is made attractive.


This is a coveted course by almost all the Commerce graduates and post graduates with an intension of becoming accountants and office assistants. Students trained here have been appointed as accountants and office assistants in various offices including our own college. The value of the course gets added up with a Tie up with CSC.


Writing has become rare with computer typing and for projects of the students at the UG level and PG level, up to the spiral binding is done by the DTP specialists and this lucrative course is offered in our college.

Spoken English

These are the days when the girls after a level of education go for jobs which need fluency in English specially in the multi national companies and some settle down in foreign countries. Training is given to students in spoken English daily in collaboration with Max Jones Academy and Bitstep Academy.

Spoken Hindi

Students avail Job opportunities in northern states specially in Mumbai Delhi, and Ahmadabad which need spoken Hindi and hence our students are given training in spoken Hindi to get job opportunities.

Basic Computer Learning

This is taken up by those arts students who have no access to the basic computer learning within their syllabi. Computer study is rather the air that we breathe or the water that we drink or the food that we eat to maintain our livelihood and computer study can be compared to any of the three essentials of life.


Healthy body and a healthy mind is a pre-requisite for continuing in job any where. This course gives the students tips for healthy living, to carry on their day today activity with a sound mind and body. Not only theory classes but with practical training they are given the nutrition that they need.


The importance of yoga has been insisted on and off by the Prime minister which is helpful in maintaining good health, good physique and a sound mind. Interested students practise daily and improve their health with a minimum spending.


This is the most wanted course as far as the ladies are concerned. They learn driving of 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler with the experts drivers and avail the regular licenses too which otherwise may be a difficult task for the students. This we accomplish with Friends India Driving School.

Basic Tailoring

Stitching has become costly nowadays and students with basic tailoring and advanced tailoring save money and earn a lot. Some even have set up tailoring units and have MoUs with exporters and give employment opportunity to many. Maximum number of students have been enrolled in this group.

Hand Craft

Maximum number of students had been absorbed in this to make hand made goods that fetch a good demand from house holds (Example colourful cushions for sofa, car, artificial flowers, decorative items, flower vases etc.

Jewel making

This is rather important in these days of a hike in the price of gold daily, safety of the women has become at stake and hence our girls make fashionable jewels cheap but with quality to excel the gold ornaments.

Advanced Tailoring

Girl students are quick to learn and with their patience and passion for learning, they are able to earn huge amount through learning advanced tailoring. Here they learn the basics of tailoring and the latest trendy models for both men, women, kids and college girls who love to go behind fashions.


Ladies with limited income will go for sarees and blouses, chudis, skirts and frocks with Ari work which is relatively cheaper compared to the embroidery work. Ari work will suit any purse but gives a rich look like the embroidery and has become a fashion now. The younger generation love to beautify themselves with such materials with less cost.

Beautician course

This has attracted many of our young students who wish to remain always beautiful. Our alumnis teaching this course to our students who are interested in bridal make-up, facial, manicure, pedicure, different types of hair-dos etc. Students trained from our institution now have set up beauty parlours and earn their livelihood.

Hand Embroidery

This has become the fashion of the day very recently and women stitch blouses with colourful designs embroidered cost ranging from Rs.500/- to Rs 3000/- per blouse and embroidery in sarees may fetch even more than Rs.3000/- per saree. Training is given to students with special machines set for the purpose.

Big Data

This is given to the creamy layer of the students with computer knowledge with a tie up with the ICT Academy. Training is given to them by ICT with trained experts and periodical exams are conducted and certificates issued. Big Data is a course with a certificate is highly demanded in the job market.

Quran Reading

This is taken up exclusively for Muslim students who crave for learning Quran and get training in Quran reading. This will be of use to the young Muslim mothers to teach Quran to their young ones.

Kitchen Corner

Students love to be in this group as most of the Kayalpatnam students love cooking, serving new varieties of dishes which sometimes excel the star hotels. They cook, serve teach the methods and enjoy eating too.

Staff details

Skill Based Courses 2018 - 2019
Dec 2018 to April 2019
S.No. Course No. of Students Staff Name
1. TNPSC Exam Coaching 113 Miss. Sudha
Ms. Sathiya Bama
Mrs. Rajalakshmi
Mrs. L.R. Subha
Miss. Kalaivani
2. Soft Skills 123 Ms. Fareetha Hazana A
Ms. J. Jeyarani
Ms. K. Monica
3. Tally 32 Ms. Parameswari
4. DTP 14 S. Sangeetha
5. Spoken English 216 Miss. Indhumathy
Miss. Amali Theresa
Miss. Chellapriya
Mrs. A. Benazir
Miss. Josephine Mary Swathi
6. Spoken Hindi 115 Mrs. Sweety Elizabeth
Mrs. Rahmath Amina
Miss. Balaeswari
Miss. Malini
7. Basic Computer 52 Mrs. Sharmine Mary Janaki
Mrs. Nesa
8. Nutrition 21 Miss. Fathima
9. Yoga 29 Ms. Mahalakshmi
10. Driving 4+4 Mr. Peer Mohammed
11. Basic Tailoring 61 Dr. Mrs. Aruna jothi
Mrs. J. Banumathi
12. Hand Craft 73 Ms. Mujeeba
Mrs. Ayisha
Dr. Mrs. Mumtaj
13. Jewel Making 27 Ms. Hajara
14. Advanced Tailoring 102 Ms. A.S.L. Beevi Fathima
Ms. M. Muruga Santhi
Ms. S.S. Fathimuthu Marliya
Miss. Kalpana Devi
15. Aari Work 58 Mrs. Noor Asma
Miss. Anitha
16. Beautician 10 D. Diveha
17. Hand Embroidery 60 Mrs. Angellatha
Miss. Kohila
18. Big Data 20 Mrs. S.N. Sithi Shamila
19. Quran Reading 30 Ms. Najumnnisha
20. Kitchen corner 32 Miss. Fathima Rifaya

Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s College of Arts & Science, a benefaction under Wavoo SAR Educational Trust,stands as a monument of social service for the cause of those for whom college education is a distant dream even today.

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