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College Student’s Union

Students’ Union is an important organ of the administration which reflects on the issues from students’ perspectives. Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s College is of the firm belief that students have to be given training in leadership qualities, and they should be exposed to the challenges of administration. This activity is expected to promote greater degree of interactions among the students in the interest of education. Democratic values such as tolerance, diversity, civic sense, respect for others, belief in co-existence and regard for consultative process are promoted through engagements in students’ council activities. In short, it is an attempt to prepare students to participate in the democratic process with a greater sense of responsibility and devotion, and this process strengthens our democracy in the long run.

The objectives of the Union as are follows:

  • The elected members are expected to work in the best interest of students without causing any damage to the purpose of education or hindrance to the process of education.
  • The elected members’ term shall last for only one year and there shall be election to the post every year.
  • The Union shall take up only the issues or problems connected to the well-being of the students and particularly in the interest of education.
  • The Union shall keep the college administration informed about all such meetings and decisions taken in writing.

The inauguration of the college union and its allied associations was held on 21.07.2018. Dr. S. Malarkodi M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D. Principal, Geetha Jeevan College of Arts and Science, Tuticorin was the guest of honour.

The college union office bearers got their insignia as a mark of holding their respective offices. P. Golda Angelin of III B.Sc physics, A.S. Seyed Ajeeba of II B.Com, V. Ajeka of III B.A English and I.A. Fahmidha of I BBA were sworn in as the Students’ Union Chairperson, Joint Chairperson, Secretary, Joint Secretary of the college respectively.

Ever since the historic day, August 15 is celebrated with festivities and patriotic fervour across India. Independence day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur in our college campus. Mrs. G. Redempta Nishanthi, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.PEd., M.Phil., PGDIY Physical directress, Govindammal Aditanar College for Women, Tiruchendur was the guest of honour and she hoisted the National Flag.

"It’s supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge"

Teacher’s day was solemnly celebrated with great gusto and gaiety on 05.09.2018. Students performed a scintillating cultural show to denote their love, respect, acknowledgement & recognition of the hardwork put in by the teachers towards their development.

Pride & festive cheer marked the Thai Pongal celebration (ij nghq;fy;) held on 12.01.2019. Students came in their traditional dresses and exhibited joy and pride as they filled the campus with the lands cultural aura.

Republic Day represents the true spirit of the independent India. The 70th Republic day was celebrated in our college on 26.01.2019 with great enthusiasm and patriotic vehemence. The chief guest was Alhaj. Wavoo. S. Seyed Abdur Rahman the Founder President of our college. The celebration comprised of March past, Flag Hoisting, Oath Taking and cultural events.

The Election Commission of India has decided to celebrate 25 January as National Voters Day. According to that, the National Voters day pledge was taken by our students in the open air auditorium and all the eligible students were enrolled in the electoral list with the help of Tiruchendur Taluk Office.

To create awareness among students about the usage of plastic, various competitions were conducted on the topic "Avoid Plastic" on 08.10.2018.

Vigilance Awareness week was observed from 29th-3rd October, 2018. Pledge was taken by our students on the topic "Eradicate Corruption – Build a new India" on 26.10.2018.

S.NO Date Event Resource Person
1 21.07.18 Student Council Election Dr. Mrs. R.C. Vasuki
2. 01.08.18 Union Inauguration Dr. S. Malarkodi,
Geetha Jeevan College of Arts and Science, Thoothukudi
3. 02.08.18 Student’s Awareness Programme “Rights of person with disabilities” Mr.S. Greesh Kumar B.Com., B.L Lawyer / Notary Public
4. 15.08.18 72nd Independence Day Mrs. G. Redempta Nishanthi B.Sc., B.Ed., M.P.Ed., M.Phil., PGDIY Physical Directress, Govindammal Aditanar College for Women’s Tiruchendur
5. 05.09.18 Teachers Day Dr. Mrs. R.C. Vasuki M.A., Ph.D., DGT. Prinicpal
6. 09.10.18 to 11.10.18 Competition on “AVOID PLASTIC” Dr. Mrs. R.C. Vasuki M.A., Ph.D., DGT. Prinicpal
7. 26.10.18 Honest Pledge “Eradicate Corruption – Built a New India” Dr. Mrs. R.C. Vasuki M.A., Ph.D., DGT. Prinicpal
8. 25.01.19 Voter’s Pledge Dr. Mrs. R.C. Vasuki M.A., Ph.D., DGT. Prinicpal
9. 26.01.19 70th Republic Day Wavoo S. Seyed Abdur Rahman,President
10. 30.01.19 Pledge against Untouchability Dr. Mrs. R.C. Vasuki M.A., Ph.D., DGT. Prinicpal

Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s College of Arts & Science, a benefaction under Wavoo SAR Educational Trust,stands as a monument of social service for the cause of those for whom college education is a distant dream even today.

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